The Jan Wodynski Dance Company


The Jan Wodynski Dance Company was created around 1970 by Jan Schlegel Wodynski and Michael Wodynski.


           Janice Schlegel Wodynski, principle choreographer and founder of the Jan Wodynski Dance Company.                          

This page all photos by Chuck Saaf


 The company around 1972


Nidus, 1977, Janice and Michael.  Choreograpy by J. Wodynski and set design by M.Wodynski.

Inspiration, 1972, Barry Barichko, Paul Wilson, Mike Wodynski. Masks designed by M. Wodynski.

These surplus WWII gas masks were fitted with a microphone inside near the mouth and a small speaker at the front where the filter canister would be.  A small audio amplifier was attached at the rear on the head straps.  The result was that all breathing would be transmitted to the front speaker.  Breathing was orchestrated and rhythmical.  It was sometimes construed by audiences as a polemic on air pollution. Koreotronics, Paul Wilson, Dave Monroe, Julie Maloney, Mike Wodynski, Kathy Eaton. Lucite cylinders were fitted with electronic circuits that created tones, percussions, chirps, bells etc. to allow the dancers the opportunity to create their own music.  The choreographer integrated the forms and sounds into the performance.

The sound tube tones were designed to  resonated within the various size cylinders.

A single tube detail showing the electronics which were painted white.

Janice Wodynski playing the lead figure in Koreotronics.

Julie Maloney, Wodynski, Kathy Eaton in Farrago.