Video Production


Quest was a magazine format show produced and hosted by Wodynski during the 1980,s and 90's for The College of New Jersey.  The show was broadcast on the Cable Television Network of New Jersey and reached 1.7 million homes at its peak.  Quest won CAPE (pronounced Capee) Awards for Best Overall Program, Best Show, and best individual topical episodes many times.

Publicity photo of Wodynski and Co-Host Maura McGovern.  Set designed by Wodynski.

The Quest production team.  Bob Maarberg, Engineer, Maura McGovern, Co-Host, Roger Lienhardt, Director, Wodynski, Producer/Host.  Technician, Rich Albe, not in picture.

Cable Television Network of New Jersey, a programming service owned and operated by the New Jersey cable industry.

Below is the most recent video production produced and directed by Wodynski.

 Island Treasures was produced in 2005 to celebrate the opening of the Folger Gallery and the Friends of the NHA.

The DVD cover and disk art was designed and executed by Wodynski.

Location still from Island Treasures with Ben Simons and Niles Parker.